Trees & Shrubs

  • Your home’s landscape will really stand out with the addition of a few trees or shrubs.  Whether you intend to plant a privacy hedge, create interest with a mass planting bed, or draw the eye to architectural details by adding specimen plants, the staff at Baker’s Home & Garden Center can help you find the perfect plant.

    Maybe you’re looking to add edibles to your landscape.  We offer an abundant selection of fruit trees and berry plants.  

    Many of our plants are sold in a do-it-yourself homeowner friendly size.  The majority of shrubs come in 3 gallon containers and the trees in 5 gallon containers.  We also offer a large selection of unique or specimen plants in larger containers.  If you are interested in more mature trees we offer a selection of ball and burlap trees, ranging in size from 6 feet to 15 feet tall.  Special orders may also be arranged for large trees.

    Walking through the outdoor retail area, you are sure to find trees or shrubs that will add interest to your landscape.  Here are just a few of the species we offer: 

    Specimen Species:

    - Weeping Cherry

    - Weeping Alaskan Cedar

    - Weeping White Pine

    - Blue Atlas Cedar

    - Blue Spruce Globosa

    - Japanese Maple

    - Vanderwolf Pine

    Fruit Trees & Shrubs:

    - Apple

    - Pear

    - Plum

    - Blueberry

    - Blackberry

    - Raspberry


    - Maple

    - Oak

    - Birch

    - Ornamental Pear

    - Blue Spruce

    - Norway Spruce

    - Crabapple


    - Arborvitae

    - Hibiscus

    - Hydrangea

    - Barberry

    - Holly

    - Boxwood

    - Juniper

    - Rhododendron