• During the spring, summer, and fall months, take a stroll just outside the main greenhouse in our extensive outdoor perennial section. With our selection of perennial plants approaching 50 different species, you are sure to find that right pop of color and the perfect bloom time. Since perennials come back year after year, the time maintaining flowers in your landscape ends to decrease.

    Most of our perennials are planted in 2-gallon containers, which means you do not have to wait as long for your perennials to mature because they are larger plants. Baker’s also carries a wide variety of ornamental grasses in 3-gallon containers. Ask a friendly staff member questions as you explore our perennial area, or call ahead for the availability of a specific plant.

    The following is a sampling of the perennial species that we carry. Remember that many species contain multiple varieties, broadening your texture and color selection.



    Black Eyed Susan




    Bleeding Heart


    Shasta Daisy