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Hunting Blinds

  • Don't let your next hunting expedition be hindered by subpar equipment and unpredictable weather conditions! Invest in a premium hunting blind from baker's home and garden center, elevate your hunting game to new heights. Contact us today to purchase your hunting blind and experience the difference for yourself. 

    Please contact store for more information.

    814-445-7028 ext #4 Bryan 

    Benefits of using elevated hunting blinds:

    * increased safety, when you're off the ground, you don't have to worry about ground dwelling threats.

    * better visibility.

    * scent control.

    * 360° view.

    * great for bowhunters.

    * protection from the elements. 

    * inconspicuous.

    Hunting Blinds

    360 blinds

    * 360 outfitter kit

    * 360 pro kit

    * 360 pro xl kit

    * 360 shooting house kit

    * 360 shanty hunter kit

    Elevated stands/ towers

    * 4' pressure treated stand kit - 360

    * 8' - 11' adjustable metal stand kit - 360

    FTB hunting pods

    * ftb - large hunting pod

    * ftb - extra large hunting pod

    * ftb - metal brace kit for large pod

    * ftb - metal brace kit for extra     

    Large pod

    Orion hunting blind

    * orion - 6' × 6' 8 side modular combo blind with tinted windows

    * orion - 5' metal stand with stair kit

    * orion - 10' metal stand with stair kit


    * set of 2 small shelf/360 std, 360 pro

    * 1 large shelf for shooting house

    * anti fog spray 8 oz

    * bow hanger

    Assembly/ installation/ on site set up available on hunting blinds 

    ** see special notes on delivery **

    *** special notes ***

    Delivery and installation prices are based on normal flat level conditions. A truck and trailer must be able to get within 50 ft. Of the set up area. A 20' x 20' area is needed to construct a stand and blind combo. Deliveries over 10 miles from baker's will incur a $4.00 per mile 

    One way charge that will be added to the standard installation fee.

    Pricing is subject to additional fees if site is not prepared to the required specifications. 

    Contact store for information:

    814-445-7028 ext.#4 Bryan