Versa-Lok & Omni Stone

  • Baker’s Home & Garden Center is the area’s local distributer for R.I. Lampus Company, out of Springdale, PA.  We stock a large selection of Versa-Lok® Retaining Wall Systems and Omni-Stone® Concrete Paver products and will special order colors or styles we may not have readily on hand. Other special order products not displayed on our property include the following.

    -       Lampus 500 Series Retaining Wall System

    -       Lampus 2500 Series Retaining Wall System

    -       Versa-Green Plantable Wall System

    -       Rosetta® Belvedere Collection

    -       Rosetta® Outcropping Collection

    -       Rosetta® Steps Collection

    -       Rosetta® Dimensional Flagstone

    -       Eco-Tek® Pavers

    -       Cabin Rock™ Stepping Stones

    For pricing and installation information contact:

    Retail Center:  (814) 445-7028